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About FDTD

The History

The basic idea for a Game like FDTD formed already in the early 2000s. But back in these days I've been waiting for Studios to release some kind of awesome Survival Game. As I have waited throughout all the years, and no light in sight I begun to consider the creation of a Survival Modification in 2006/2007 for some existing Game. The vision of FDTD was born. Although even if other Modders were impressed by the Concept, I soon realized that the Game I imagined just would have too many limitations as a Modification. The next two years we got distracted by other Projects, although keeping FDTD in Mind. In 2009 we finally considered to switch from Gamemodding to Gamecreation and developed an little Retrogame. FDTD was more present than ever. Through 2010 the writing of the Gamedesign and researches for it's possibility started, and continued in 2011, we've spent months to find the best Gameengine and tools required for production. As an result of this, we will also release two small Games within this year. In 2012 things are setteled out, we're sure about it's do-ability for us. Obviously we've been very busy with life through the years, and couldn't spend as much time as we wanted to, but in the recent past we managed to get rid of the most preventive stuff and look forward to fully concentrate on FDTD. We've became dedicated to FDTD, and there rarely passes any Day we're not working physically or mentally at it.

The Game

In short, it's a Survival Game of such complexity you haven't seen or heard before. A ARSSRPDSG - Atmospheric Real-time Strategic Role Playing Defense Shooter Survival Game.

Understandably we can't provide you the complete concept, nor explain the huge amount of unique features detailed. Instead we try to give you a good impression of the keyfeatures that will make this Game outstanding compared to comon Games.

The Game will build up on a modular structure, making it extremely flexible. The base is formed of a huge Open World Scenario. Striped of that, there will be a lot of Gamemodes, which either focus on specific aspects of the Open World Scenario e.g. Wilderness Survival, or create something completely different e.g. a TowerDefense Game. By now there are about 10 Unique Gamemodes for Single and Multiplayer that integrate flawless into the main Atmosphere and will sooner or later make it into the game. Although, there are basic Ideas for a lot more, and room for potential hundreds of Gamemodes. Depending on the extent and kind of the Gamemode, they will be either released as Patch (no additional costs) or Addon ( buyable for 1-20 €uro ). Regarding to Patches, there will be two different kind of Patches, those that affect Gameplay and those that improve the aesthetic. Whilst the aesthetic patches regularely will be applied to any version of the Game, Gameplaypatches regularely will create a duplication of the Patched Scenario/Gamemode instead, so you may play your favorite GameVersion anytime you want. This means, that even years after the release, you will still be able to Play the Game as it was in the Vanilla state, whilst having the most recent Patches applied. We will try to keep your Characters progression throughout the Addons.

In regards of the Gameplay, we look forward to provide you realtime Videos and a playable Demo as soon as possible.

The Pricing/Business Model

FDTD will be available for 20 €uro - we believe this to be a fair price. There are no plans for any kind of monthly fees, Ingame Shops or any other kind of hidden costs. The development will be ongoing (as long as affordable) for many years, providing Patches that fix bugs, improve -or add new content for the Game without additional costs. In addition several Addons are planned that will be available for about 5 €uro in average.
The release of further Games within the FDTD Universe with different Business Models such as an MMO with monthly fees (we don't belive in Free to Play - these Games are profitable for the Companys, not the Customer) is possible. Although, be assured we won't release another Game to replace/kill the Original one, but as contuniation of FDTD that will greatly differ from FDTD. Also we will try to give the progression in FDTD a use within the new Game. Using the MMO example, we would try to let the player connect their Singleplayer Scenario to the Onlineworld.

We also consider a possibility to obtain the Game and everything else related to the FDTD Universe without the need of any real Money at all. This would work through a Pointsystem, you could obtain points for example by doing things like writing reviews, submitting content or by just being active on the Games website. Actually we would really like this Option, but obviously this does require a deeper investigation of the possibilities and the risks, such as possible security issues in the system.