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The Revelation

At this Place we could provide you some dazzling Graphics and Screenshots, or write amazing Stuff about the Game. But probably like us, you've been dazzled by a lot of bad Games before. They look awesome at first, but in the end aren't worth your Money at all.
So instead, you will (because of engine change) hopefully may be able to play a Demo of the current Development State right in your Browser. But be aware, what this Game is not, and never will be:  focused on Graphics. So in case your looking for the next *bling* *bling* Game, this is not for you. You may directly talk with the developers on our Forums.


State of the Revelation

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2015 has been a very quiet but yet busy year for the revelation.
2016 things are going to be finally revealed!

But for now a quick summary of 2015.

At the begin of the year, the Team was disbanded. This was a necessary step, as the motivation, dedication and ability to collaborate didn't meet up the requirements and slowed down the development. By that time we had spent about 30 Months on the revelation, it was developed with Unity3D and had about 40% done for a very basic playable demo.

In spring I moved to the just released Unreal Engine 4 and started to rebuild from Scratch. Within only 2 months the game was at a similar state as it was in Unity after 30!

In summer I was active within the Unreal Engine community, while helping some stranger called "T3chz" he showed me some Demo of "Niveous", a Project that he had to kickstart within 3 months. As I really liked the setting, and had to wait for Unreal Engine to grow mature and riddle out it's teething problems, It looked like a good Idea to join forces for a short time. He would get the help necessary to archive his goal within the time and I would get funds and public profile for the revelation.

In just 3 Months we created Wintertide (Niveous) from scratch, which got Steam Greenlit within only a few days! We will host Multiplayer tests of it in early January and look forward to a early access release on steam within the first quarter of 2016!

The past Days I have developed a little Ball game that hopefully will see the light of day in some way or another soon.

And since it's Winter there finally will be some news for Ski4free3d as well!

So... back to the revelation! It currently made it's way 75% to a playable basic Demo. Epic (the company behind Unreal Engine) is finally actively working on the worst shortcomings which should be fixed just around the time Wintertide's early access gets released. Once these things are done the revelation will ultimately proceed and bring you true news in the 2nd Quarter of 2016!


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