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Wintertide News



Steam Early Access

Wintertide soon available on Steam

Development for Wintertide is still moving forward despite an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign. We are working hard, putting in as many hours as possible into the development process. We are continuously moving forward and actively progressing, adapting and perfecting Wintertide.

We have come to the conclusion that the best move for Wintertide and its fans is to bring Wintertide to Steam Early Access. This will allow us to keep developing Wintertide, allow you to play Wintertide as soon as possible as well as provide you with the opportunity to directly influence the making and future of Wintertide.

We are looking forward on bringing Wintertide to Steam Early Access within the next 3 months. We are anxious for you to play our game and to start building a community around Wintertide.

Hope you all had a good holiday, for our new members Welcome to forums and don't forget to tell your friends to join up. Keep tuned for more news coming on a more regular basis and untill next time

~ Stay Frosty.

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Wintertide has Greenlight!

We are extremely excited to announce that Wintertide has been Greenlit!
This wouldn't be possible without you, the community and your continuous Support.

Thank you so much!

We will try our best to meet your expectations and provide you with the awesome Game you deserve as soon as possible.

You can see our Campaign here

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Kickstarter is Live!

We are proud to announce, that our Kickstarter is now live!

With successful crowdfunding we plan to bring you the best multiplayer Winter survival game to date. We appreciate all the support you guys have showed to us and hope to make up for it with an incredible game.

Wintertide is currently playable in Single- and Multiplayer, but still missing a lot of features we would like to add and needs more polish. We have put our heart and soul into this game and all the money and hours we could throw at it. But now we need your help or we won't be able to ship the Game in a timely manner.

So if you like Wintertide, please share it with your friends and promote the campaign.

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